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Providing a Safe and Fun Environment for children who are different, not less

About us

At Quirky Kids it’s about winding down! 

Each in his or her own way, after a busy school day, ensuring homework is supervised, and tummies are satisfied, and children are ‘played out’ by the time  they go home, allowing for quality, stress free, family time at home.


We gladly accept children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and developmental delays, and all children who are referred to as having special needs, or differently abled.

We provide a safe, fun environment with other children and adults they can relate to, where they will also get the individual attention and care they need from experienced, compassionate staff.

By mixing with children from different environments, with similar interests, children develop a sense of belonging and acceptance, thus their self esteem is increased.

Many children with special needs, also have hidden, or visible disabilities which prevent them from using most public playgrounds. We help our children to remain engaged and active by providing a safe environment in which they can physically explore their world, interact socially without judgement or ridicule, learn and play.

We also offer a school holiday programme, providing varied entertainment, and craft workshops, (at extra cost where applicable).


a typical day

Comfort, Food and Fun!

When children arrive, they are encouraged to change into more comfortable clothing, ensuring all uniforms are stowed away in schoolbags. These are double checked on departure.

After Rollcall, a nutritious buffet is set out, enabling children to make their own choices in foods, therefore ensuring they do in fact eat, and enjoy their lunch. Plenty of liquids are encouraged and provided.

Learners then receive homework assistance/instruction.

After homework, learners enjoy either freeplay or structured activities. An array of board games, a cozy reading corner, and fantasy play, including occasional age related electronics are also available for cold or rainy days, or even just individual “escape” time, when needed.

Outdoor play is strongly encouraged, and at times, teachers will initiate games or activities that encourage all children at the same time, if they wish to participate, thus encouraging inclusion, and a sense of belonging. Sunhats and sunblock are mandatory for your loved one’s protection. No spray, no play.

Late afternoon juice and snacks are provided.


Quirky kids aftercare and holiday care offer a safe haven where children with special needs can learn, do homework, play and socialise.

Because Here, we’re all Upside Down and  Inside Out

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